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Company Guarantees

  1. $1,000 Best Loan Guarantee

    For 30-days after your loan closes with Global Equity Finance, if you provide us with a legitimate lender approval showing a comparable program and terms at lower fees and lower payments, we’ll write you a check for $1,000 — no questions asked.

    Disclaimer: Lender approval must be a firm approval with commitment to lend. Lender approval must not be given prior to accurate verification of all qualifying information and documentation including but not limited to income, employment, mortgage balances, lien types and amounts, etc. Lender approval must include stipulations required to fund. All terms must be comparable including but not limited to loan type, term, interest rate, APR, payoffs, lender/broker fees, etc. Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction.

  2. No-Risk Appraisal Guarantee

    If your loan does not close for any reason other than

    • You cancel your loan with Global Equity Finance, or
    • The appraised value comes in lower than estimated, we will reimburse you for your appraisal payment – guaranteed.

    Disclaimer: Reimbursement of appraisal payment will not be honored if the company finds that there is insufficient equity in the property to satisfy approvable loan requirements of if information obtained at time of application is inaccurate or cannot be verified. Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/ loan transaction.

  3. Free Refinance Guarantee

    “For up to 3 years after we do your loan, if rates improve and you want to refinance it, we will waive all of our charges. (If you wish, we will send you a separately signed commitment for your records.)”

    Disclaimer: Customer of Global Equity Finance, Inc. must supply Free Refinance Certificate at time of new refinance. Applies only to rate and term refinances. Offer not available for cash-out and/or debt consolidation loans. Must qualify for a loan program offered by Global Equity Finance, Inc. at time of request. Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction. Guarantee only eligible after 6 months have passed from initial loan transaction completed. Guarantee does not include 3 rd party costs and fees such as title, escrow, and state fees.

If You have difficulty using one of these forms, you can print it out and fax it to us at (877) 684-8987. please feel free to call us at (800)245-EASY (3279) with any questions.

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"Global Equity Finance, thank you very much! You were very easy to work with and courteous. If I have a family or a friend ready to refinance I will refer them to you. Again thank you! "

--- Albert and Shirley James Chesapeake, Virginia

"We were so pleased that Wendi was our Loan Officer. She has definitely met our expectations. She is very patient, helpful and always encouraging." CDean and Tjutju Fanara."

--- Elk, Washington

Ken was there to answer my questions and address my concerns at every step. He gave me the timing and set my expectations correctly. Overall, I'm seriously impressed! So, I wanted to make sure you got a "performance appraisal" for Ken from a very recent client. Using the parlance of my old company, he gets a Superior rating, and a top third percentile ranking. So, Ken is a first rate representative of your company and I have absolutely no problem recommending Ken to others who need financial services (already have)."

---Lyn Robb Hillsboro, Oregon

"Thank you so very much for your help with our refinance of our home. My sister told me that the most important to thing to do in refinancing was to find a Loan Consultant that I could communicate with. Cornell was both very helpful and accessible throughout this while process. I truly appreciated the customer service."

---Trina Daly Boise, Idaho