What is an FHA Loan?

An FHA Loan is a government-insured loan through the Federal Housing Administration.

Why an FHA Loan?

FHA Loans are more flexible when it comes to credit, income, equity, and down payment requirements.

What types of FHA Loans are there?

An FHA Loan is available as either a fixed-rate, an adjustable rate, or a Streamline.

Benefits of an FHA Loan:

  • FHA down payments are as low as 3.5% as opposed to the traditional 20% on other loans.
  • You can cash-out 85% of your home’s value for debt consolidation, home improvement projects, etc..
  • If you’ve had recent bankruptcy, FHA can work with this if it’s been at least 2 years from discharge date.
  • Foreclosure or Short Sales can also be approved with an FHA loan if it’s been at least 3 years.

FHA loans through Global Equity Finance are no longer as daunting as they used to be. In many cases they can be processed as quickly as a regular conventional loan, and with significantly lower interest rates.

Roy Koldaro, Vice President of Lending

San Diego, CA
Roy Koldaro, Vice President of Lending

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