Benefits of a 30-Year Mortgage:

  • By spreading a loan over a 30 year period, you’re able to make a large purchase that you wouldn’t usually be able to make.
  • You can refinance up to 97% of your primary home’s value.
  • A 30-year mortgage has a low monthly payment, allowing cash flow to be dispersed in other areas of your life.
  • You can write off the mortgage interest for a tax break.
  • You can pay off the loan early to decrease overall interest charge

30 year fixed-rate mortgages make the most sense in today's market, as the rate is nearly identical to the 15 year fixed, but with a much more flexible payment schedule.  We have ZERO pre-payment penalties, so you can pay off your mortgage at your own pace.

Alex McKenzie, Executive Loan Consultant

San Diego, CA
Alex McKenzie, Executive Loan Consultant

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