What is HARP?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program was established as an option for homeowners with little to no equity. The program was also set-up for people who are underwater on their mortgage.

Simple Qualifications

  • Loan must have closed on or before May 29th, 2009.
  • Current Loan-to-Value must be greater than 80%.
  • Consistent Track Record of paying your mortgage on time. (One late payment in the last 12 months may still qualify.)

Program is ending in September of 2017, so act now!

*If you’ve been denied eligibility for the HARP Program in the past, don’t be discouraged. With expanded requirements, eligibility has become a lot easier.

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Get My Rates on a HARP Refinance

HARP is a program that can help many homeowners that were affected by the housing market crash.  It allows homeowners to refinance their mortgage even if the mortgage is greater than the value of the house.  The great news is that Global Equity Finance offers this program as well!

Kris Johnson, Assistant Director of Sales

San Diego, CA
Kris Johnson, Assistant Director of Sales

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