Together, when we go about selecting which loan product is best suited for you, we start by asking about you.

  • How long do you plan on staying in the home?
  • Where do you see yourself in a year, 5 years, 30 years?
  • Where do you plan on retiring?
  • With that information at hand, we can then start to figure out what loan program is best for you.

What are your refinancing goals?

Get My Personalized Loan Rates

Why we’re different from other Lenders:

Our unique business model of banking and brokering loans allows us focus on finding the best loan and the best rates for our clients instead of struggling with the conflicts of interest and company-centric motives of the “big banks,” so you always win.


Appraisal Guarantee

If your loan does not close for any reason other than the following exceptions, we will reimburse you for your appraisal payment – guaranteed.

1. You cancel your loan with Global Equity Finance
2. The appraised value comes in lower than estimated

No-Risk Appraisal Guarantee Terms: Reimbursement of appraisal payment will not be honored if the company finds that there is insufficient equity in the property to satisfy approvable loan requirements of if information obtained at time of application is inaccurate or cannot be verified.

Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction.


Refinance Guarantee

“For up to 3 years after we do your loan, if rates improve and you want to refinance it, we will waive all of our charges. We will send you a separately signed commitment for your records.”

Free Refinance Guarantee Terms: Customers of Global Equity Finance, Inc. must supply a Free Refinance Certificate at time of new refinance. Applies only to rate and term refinances. Offer not available for cash-out and/or debt consolidation loans. Must qualify for a loan program offered by Global Equity Finance, Inc. at time of request. Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction. Guarantee only eligible after 6 months have passed from initial loan transaction completed. Guarantee does not include 3rd party costs and fees such as title, escrow, and state fees.

Mortgage Refinance Checklist

Having these pieces of information at hand will speed up the refinance process:

  • • Copy of Government Issued ID
  • — driver’s license, passport, identification card, etc.
  • • Social Security Card or Number.
  • • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • • Mortgage Statement
  • • Proof of Income
  • — W2 Employed(2 Years W2, 30 Days of most recent paystubs)
  • — Retired(1099s and Award Letters for Retirement Income)
  • — Self Employed(2 Years Tax Returns)

Service Philosophy

Our business is built on a three-pillar foundation of integrity, intelligence, and customer service.