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Global Equity has over 15 Years of experience in the finance industry.

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A fixed low rate for the first 3 to 10 years, and an adjustable rate thereafter.

Fixed Rate

Ideal when mortgage rates are low. Lock in low payments for the life of the loan.


Get cash, reduce payments, lower interest rate, or change your terms.

FHA Loan

The easiest way to qualify for a refinance or home purchase. Flexible requirements.

Reverse Mortgage

Reduce payments, change loan terms, or get a better interest rate.

VA Loan

Available to veterans, military, and their surviving spouses.

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We Stand Behind Our Products.

We are dedicated to giving you the finest service and excellent rates.

We're different.

Our unique business model of banking and brokering means we can offer you the best of both worlds, ensuring a conflict of interest doesn’t get in the way of finding you loan and rates second to none.

You’re Hiring the Best.

We seek out only the best and brightest to be part of our company. Our consultants are intelligent, knowledgeable, helpful, and thoroughly understand today’s mortgage products.

Explore Each Loan Program

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your Credit Cards, Personal Loans, or any other high interest rate debts on to your mortgage is a smart way to save yourself hundreds of dollars a month while being able to make on easy payment.

HARP Refinance

HARP is a program that can help many homeowners that were affected by the housing market crash. It allows homeowners to refinance their mortgage even if the mortgage is greater than the value of the house. The great news is that Global Equity Finance offers this program as well!

FHA Loan

FHA loans through Global Equity Finance are no longer as daunting as they used to be. In many cases they can be processed as quickly as a regular conventional loan, and with significantly lower interest rates.

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