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Global Equity Finance was founded in 2005 and built on three guiding principles—integrity, customer service and intelligence. Equipped with comprehensive industry knowledge and a team of mortgage experts, Global has established a well-respected reputation as a trusted lender. We excel at understanding and supporting customer goals and needs, time and time again.

Since its inception, Global Equity Finance has grown from a small company of just five employees to a business of over 250. Our home office is located in San Diego, California and we operate a second branch in Tucson, Arizona. We provide all-inclusive mortgage service offerings and specialize in home loan refinancing.


In an industry of “big banks” with competing, conflicting interests and unclear, often company-centric motives, we strive to distinguish ourselves through our honest, transparent and reliable lending practices.

Our unique business model always serves to put you, the client, first. We work tirelessly to provide you with the perfect loan option tailored to your each and every need.



We pride ourselves on maintaining the absolute highest standard of integrity and strive to always do the right thing by our clients and for our clients.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service is fully-responsive, ensuring that communication channels are always open. We believe in maintaining a clear and consistent dialogue throughout the mortgage lending process to guarantee that clients receive the best possible service experience.



Global Equity Finance possesses up-to-date mortgage industry and product knowledge and utilizes cutting-edge technology and market intelligence to better serve its customers.

Our Guarantees

No-Risk Appraisal Guarantee

  • If your loan does not close for any reason other than the following exceptions, we will reimburse you for your appraisal payment—guaranteed.
    1.  You cancel your loan with Global Equity Finance.
    2.  The appraised value comes in lower than estimated.
  • No-Risk Appraisal Guarantee Terms: Reimbursement of appraisal payment will not be honored if the company finds that there is insufficient equity in the property to satisfy approvable loan requirements or if information obtained at time of application is inaccurate or cannot be verified.
  • Excluding Free Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction.

Lifetime Refinance Guarantee

  • For the lifetime of your loan, if rates improve and you want to refinance your loan, we will waive all of our charges.
  • Lifetime Refinance Guarantee Terms: Applies only to rate and term refinances. Must qualify for a loan program offered by Global Equity Finance, Inc. at the time of request. Your loan approval for any future loan is not guaranteed.
  • Excluding Lifetime Refinance Guarantee, one guarantee reimbursement may be offered per customer/loan transaction. Guarantee is only eligible after 6 months and have passed the completion of the initial loan transactions. Certain loans may also be subject to additional “seasoning” restrictions as required by state/federal law. Guarantee does not include 3rd party costs and fees such as title, escrow, and state fees.

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